Cute Kawaii Backpacks

Made for the true cuties, discover these splendid kawaii backpacks! Grab yourself a cute backpack and complete your kawaii outfit!

Kawaii Patch Backpack


Kawaii Cloud Backpack Set


Plush Rainbow Unicorn Backpack

$26.90 $52.90

Cute Dinosaur Backpack

$27.90 $54.90

Kawaii Hedgehog Backpack

$42.99 $49.00

Kawaii Strawberry Milk Backpack


Pastel Duckling Backpack


Corduroy School Backpack


Kawaii Daisy Backpack

$49.90 $79.90

Cute Cat Mini-Backpack

$29.90 $47.90

Gudetama Backpack

$48.90 $97.90

Happy Robot Backpack

$61.90 $123.90

Kawaii Vintage Buckle Backpack

Starting at $49.90

Cute Linen Buckle Backpack

$49.90 $89.90

Traveling Living Backpack

$44.90 $59.90

Kawaii Dragon Backpack

$49.90 $69.90

Cow Printing Backpack

$39.90 $49.90

Student Kawaii Backpack

$49.90 $79.90

Harajuku Cute Backpack with Duck Plush

$57.90 $114.90

Kawaii Linen Backpack

$49.90 $98.90

Kawaii Chick Mini Backpack

$49.90 $98.90

Kawaii Cartoon Buckle Backpack

$49.90 $98.90

Heart Pastel School Backpack

$49.90 $79.90

Multi-pockets Kawaii Mini-Backpack

$37.90 $49.90

Multifunction Pastel Buckle Backpack

$39.90 $59.90

Pastel Kawaii Backpack with Bear Plush

$56.90 $112.90

Kawaii Buckle School Backpack

$54.90 $89.90

Stripe Corduroy Backpack

$49.90 $79.90

You Are The Best Backpack

$54.90 $99.90

Flamingo Backpack

$49.90 $97.90 Sold out

Shiny Kawaii Backpack

$29.90 $50.90

Peach Milk Backpack

$49.90 $89.90

Corgi Prince Backpack

$49.90 $89.90

Classy Kawaii Mini Backpack

$24.90 $39.90

Cute Panda Backpack Set

$39.90 $74.90

Pom Pom Kawaii Backpack

$46.90 $92.90

Grumpy Cat Backpack

$37.90 $47.90

Kawaii Kanken Backpack


Kawaii Plaid Backpack

$54.90 $69.90

Panda Mini Backpack

$29.90 $39.90

Maneki Neko Backpack

$49.90 $99.90

Kawaii Buckle Mini Backpack

$34.90 $86.90

Dabbing Unicorn Backpack

$49.90 $94.90

Reflective Strawberry Milk Backpack

$39.90 $86.90

Kawaii Backpacks for the cuties

Our collection is featuring the best kawaii backpacks in the market. We have designed each backpack as well as our kawaii mini backpack with the Kawaii Girls just like you in mind, to make you are gonna love it, for a while.

Each of our backpacks is made of high-quality fabric and material, created and optimized to last for long. 

It also includes kawaii school backpacks, as well as kawaii bookbags which will last for your entire school year and even longer, while making your the most kawaii girl in the entire school.

100% Unique Cute Backpacks

Our cute backpacks are unique, each on them is exclusively only available here on Kawaii Vibe. Of course, there is some knock-off on the market, but you are ensured that each and every cute backpack here on Kawaii Vibe is 100% original.

On each backpack, we also always try to keep a touch of humor, to not only be super cute and kawaii but also funny.

This collection also includes some cute mini backpacks, which are perfect if you are not thinking about carrying a lot with you. Perfectly size, they will make your day easier and more enjoyable.

Are these backpacks available for everyone?

Yes, our cute backpacks are available for girls, for women, for teens and also for a lot of usages such as school, college, work, and much more.