Cute Kawaii Plushies

Discover the cutest Kawaii plushies in the world and cuddle them without moderation! Grab one of these cute plushies for an adorable kawaii feeling.

Kawaii Kitten Plush

Starting at $24.90

Kawaii Shiba Inu Plush

Starting at $34.90

Cute Corgi Plush

Starting at $23.90

Boba Plush

Starting at $19.90

New Alpaca Plushie with Saddle

Starting at $24.99

Kawaii Dinosaur Plushie

Starting at $51.00

Kawaii Pink Piggy Plushie


Kawaii Sloth Plushie

Starting at $51.33

Kawaii Nine-Tailed Fox Plushie


Kawaii Totoro Plush Pillow With Soft Flannel...

$57.99 $65.00

Kawaii Sleeping Dragon Plush


Kawaii Cat Paw Pillow Plush

Starting at $29.00

Kawaii Floppy Bunny Plushie


Kawaii Totoro Plushie


Kawaii Plush Bunny Ears Phone Case

$13.99 $24.00

Kawaii Piggy Plush Slippers


Kawaii Sleepy Cat Plushie


Kawaii Cuddle Hamster Plushie

Starting at $69.99

Lazy Pig Plushie


Kawaii Penguin Plushie

Starting at $46.99

Plush Rainbow Unicorn Backpack

$26.90 $52.90

Kawaii Whale Plushie

Starting at $29.99

Kawaii Bag of Plushies - Zodiac Animal...


Kawaii Cat Paw Plushie Shoulder Bag

$22.00 $39.00

Avocado Plush

Starting at $19.90

Harajuku Cute Backpack with Duck Plush

$57.90 $114.90

Pastel Kawaii Backpack with Bear Plush

$56.90 $112.90

Panda Oversized Plush Slipper

$33.90 $67.90

Mouse Oversized Plush Slipper

$33.90 $67.90

Elk Oversized Plush Slipper

$33.90 $67.90

Happy Cat Plush Slippers

$29.90 $62.90

Sleepy Bear Plush Slippers

$34.90 $49.90

Avocado Plush Slippers

Starting at $27.90

Kitten Plush Slippers

$34.90 $49.90

Shiba Inu Plush Slippers

$29.90 $61.90

Shark Plush Slippers

$29.90 $56.90

Cute Whale Plush Slippers

$29.90 $58.90

Hamburger Plush Slippers

$36.90 $73.90

Panda Plush Slippers

$24.90 $35.90

Kawaii Plush Shorts

$37.90 $74.90

Kawaii Alpaca Plushie


Kawaii Duck Plushie


Kawaii Bag of Plushies - Donut Piggy...

$24.99 $69.00

Kawaii Bag of Plushies - Cat Plushies...


Adorable Kawaii Plushies for true Kawaii Lovers

From the Giant Panda Plush to the Mini-Monster Kawaii, discover all the animals and references to known manga or animes.