About Kawaii Vibe

Learn more about Kawaii Vibe and how we became one of the best kawaii online store worlwide!

Our goals

Kawaii Vibe's purpose is to provide stylish kawaii clothing and accessories inspired by Asian pop culture.
Our vision puts the customers at the center of our business. We believe that our apparel, accessories and decoration allows others to feel elegant, beautiful, and prideful.
Our hope is to provide you with unique and great quality outfits that make you smile in and out the doors.

Our passion

As lovers of this type of fashion, we realized there are little stores curating clothing that fits the bill. So we took it up to source these clothings from suppliers that you can trust so that you can have a one-stop shop for all your kawaii needs.

How it all started

Kawaii Vibe has been founded in 2017 with a vision in mind: Provide and share our passion for kawaii and japanese culture to like-minded individuals around the world!

Over the months and years, our store became more and more popular becoming one of the most popular Kawaii related online store!

We are now very proud to offer the best kawaii merchandise to more than 20,000 people!
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